The Mother of all Mommy Makeovers: Kourtnie

573 Magazine is passionate about finding, supporting, and (when we get an opportunity) giving special recognition to the amazing businesses, beautiful natural sites, and the extraordinary people in our area. One 573 Magazine tradition that has always been near and dear to my heart is for someone very special who's on all our minds this time of year, Mom.

...a chance to honor the unsung heroes of society...

Among the many ways that 573 Magazine gives back to the community, the 573 Mommy Makeover is something that gives us a chance to honor the unsung heroes of society, and the true leaders on the front line of everyday life, our Moms! Being a mother myself, I have a deep appreciation for this wonderful gesture, and am always honored to be a part of bestowing one of the 573’s most marvelous matrons with a day of pampering, respite, and the adornment she so greatly deserves.

With the Big Makeover Day being so close to Mother's Day, this Mommy Makeover really does feel like the ultimate one. We honor our contest winner, while thinking of our own mothers, and how we might honor them. Though we have the Mommy Makeover as often as we're able, it still only happens maybe every other year, so don’t wait until there’s a big contest, or major holiday to start honoring the woman who gave you the gift of life! Show her your love and appreciation today, in those subtle little ways she cherishes. Making treasures out of the tiny moments that slip quickly by, but mean so much, and end up creating her most precious fond and lasting memories.

Of course, slightly grander gestures every once in while can make some pretty amazing lasting memories as well, and thanks to our awesome 573 Mommy Makeover Sponsors this year, we were able to do just that with the biggest prize package we’ve ever had to offer our area Mommies! The Mother of all Mommy Makeovers included a premiere treatment package from Show Me Younger Medical Aesthetics, a full body massage from Massage & Skin Works, a full make-over with hair, make-up, and the works from Salon de Charles, a rockin' new outfit from Dress 2 Impress, a romantic dinner for 2 at J-Street Brew Co's 5 Year Anniversary Beer Pairing Event, and an overnight stay at the Urban Lofts Air B&B.

Kourtnie, before treatment, light make-up

Kourtnie Rawlins, our newest Mommy Makeover Mommy, began her treatments at Show Me Younger almost immediately after being announced the winner. Read all about Kourtnie's backstory and her first treatments here!

After multiple treatments, and weeks of excited anticipation to see the outcome of Kourtnie’s physical transformation, we had finally arrived to the moment of truth...the big Mommy Makeover Day!

"The transformation was everything I could have dreamed for..." -Kourtnie
Kourtnie, after treatment, make-up free.

We met Kourtnie over at Show Me Younger, first thing in the morning, to see her for the first time since her initial treatments, and hear about the amazing work Dr. Olivero and Show Me Younger did to achieve these awesome results.

"The transformation was everything I could have dreamed for. The scars from my acne and from when I was a baby have been removed...vaporized off my face! It was amazing to actually see the results first hand!"


We could see the difference right away! Fuller lips, a balanced skin tone, even her facial scarring had disappeared! She looked thinner, younger, healthier, and had an amazingly bright glow, but even more surprising than her awesome appearance was the story of her journey to get there. While finding her inner beauty to bring it back to the surface, Kourtnie found so much more than she expected...a new home.

"Dr. Olivero is so passionate and loves to educate not just his employees but his clients also. This helped me when I joined the Show Me Younger team." -Kourtnie

During her visits, Kourtnie learned a lot about Medical Aesthetics and the technology behind it, but more importantly, she got to know the warm and friendly staff behind the magic of Show Me Younger and a fondness grew between them. After a couple visits to Farmington’s premiere Medical Aesthetic Treatment Facility, Kourtnie was offered a full time job! From working odd hours as a cashier at a local gas station, struggling to make ends meet - to becoming a key player for a team of Medical Aesthetics Professionals; complete with salary, insurance, and the other epic benefits that comes with working at Show Me Younger. A Cinderella story within a Cinderella story, Kourtnie not only changed her looks, but her stars as well, as she found a whole new career, a whole new future, and a whole new Kourtnie.

"I'm so happy and thankful to have such a great work environment. It really is the ideal place to work! Dr. Olivero is the boss everyone dreams of having! So I really am thankful to work with Dr. Olivero!" -Kourtnie

After hearing all about her experience with Show Me Younger, we accompanied Kourtnie to Massage and Skin Works on Doctors Dr. in Farmington to get her checked in for her full body massage appointment. Once the paperwork was filled out, we made sure Kourtnie was settled, and left her to enjoy her hour, confident that she was in the best of hands!