• AJ Koehler

The Old No. 102

The Old No. 102 Tap House on W. Columbia in Downtown Farmington has always been an eye catcher. The old brick building with large front windows and beautiful amber lights really grabs your attention – and the super cool vintage-looking sign tops it all off. I finally got a chance to stop in and check out the menu, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

The Old No. 102 Tap House - 102 W. Columbia St. Farmington, MO

Check out the extensive collection of craft beer at The Old No. 102 Tap House!

With a bright and friendly staff, bold colored modern art murals that are somehow also timeless in style, and a laid back decor that’s both rustic and chic, The Old No. 102 makes you feel right at home from the moment you walked through the doors. We were greeted warmly by Bar & Front of House Manager, Jacob Moore, who mixed us up some cocktails to enjoy while we waited for lunch.

Jacob Moore mixes a Creamy Pina Colada Martini - The Old No. 102 Tap House

The White Peach Sangria was simple and satisfying with a robust flavor and subtle notes of sweet peach. It was great, but my favorite was a toss-up between the Creamy Pina Colada Martini, which was silky, light, sweet, & tropical and the wonderfully refreshing Blackberry Mojito with sweet undertones of wild blackberry and a cool mint kick.

In no time at all the food began to arrive, and thank goodness for that because the aroma was driving us crazy!

Come try the deliciously refreshing cocktails at The Old No. 102 Tap House in Farmington

First up was the Garlic Knots! Soft, twisted, tasty little garlic treats, served with a house marinara sauce and a parmesan herb butter, the garlic knots were a wonderful little prelude to the Italian feast that awaited us.

Garlic Knots & house marinara with a glass of chardonnay - The Old No. 102 Tap House

The next dish to be brought out was the Toasted Ravioli...wow. Crispy, savory, and scrumptious, the hand-breaded cheese Toasted Ravioli was perfectly seasoned on the outside with a fluffy creamy cheesy inside. Served with a house marinara sauce and paired with a semi-sweet red wine, it was a table favorite!

Toasted Ravioli & house marinara with a glass of Merlot

Before we were finished, Liv, one of our awesome servers, brought us baked pasta. Succulent bacon, tender chunks of juicy chicken, tomato, asiago, and a creamy, delicious roasted garlic alfredo sauce with a medley of savory Italian flavors on al dente farfalle, the Baked Pasta was a big hit and definitely hit the spot.

Baked Pasta with a glass of Merlot - The Old No. 102 Tap House
...this brick oven pizza was extraordinary!

Brick Oven Pizzas - The Old No. 102 Tap House

I didn’t get too far into the Baked Pasta before two big beautiful brick oven pizzas were delivered to the table, and it stopped me mid-bite. The first one I tried was the Neo-Margherita Pizza. A simple and traditional cheese pizza, this delectable dish was out to impress. With fire-roasted tomatoes, basil infused parmesan, fresh mozzarella, and a homemade sauce — this brick oven pizza was extraordinary!

Neo-Margherita Pizza and draft beer - The Old No. 102 Tap House

The second pizza we had was The Woodsman. Just as the name suggests, this pizza was robust and meaty with strong, bold tastes to excite the palate. Not your typical pizza, The Woodsman had an interesting and absolutely delicious variety of flavors. Sliced sirloin, sautéed portabellas, parsley, mozzarella & bleu cheese, alfredo sauce, all on a hand-tossed crust (which frankly is phenomenal all it’s own) — this was my favorite entree, and it was nearly gone by the time the next dish arrived.

The Woodsman - The Old No. 102 Tap House

The Gaia toasted sandwich was a close second for me. With sautéed portabellas, roasted tomato, spinach, red onion, melty mozzarella cheese, and an amazing roasted red pepper mayo all on a warm toasty Italian sub roll, I never would have guessed that it was a vegetarian meal. Served with french fries that came with home made ketchup and roasted red pepper mayo, it was delish!

Gaia vegetarian sandwich with fries - The Old No. 102 Tap House

Then the first dessert was served. I’ve had Pound Cake before, but never like this. YUM! Sweet & rich with a subtle lemon flavor, the Pound Cake was served with creamy pistachio whipped mascarpone and sweet lavender honeycomb, making it a utopia of flavor.

Pound Cake with pistachio whipped mascarpone & lavender honeycomb - The Old No. 102 Tap House

Panna Cotta topped with raspberry coulis - The Old No. 102 Tap House

Last out was the Panna Cotta. Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with raspberry coulis and garnished with fresh blackberries and a sprig of mint. Creamy, silky smooth, and totally euphoric, this dish was dessert perfection. We were completely blown away. Being left speechless after the first bite, it took a little while to find the words to properly express appreciation for this decadent treat.

Chef de Cuisine Josh O'Farrell - The Old No. 102 Tap House

Toward the end of our meal Chef de Cuisine, Josh O’Farrell, came out to see how we enjoyed our lunch. “It was amazing!” I gushed, unable to hold back.

Chef de Cuisine Josh O'Farrell loads another pizza into the brick oven at The Old No. 102 Tap House

He chatted with us a bit about The Old No. 102 Tap House menu, expressing his passion for what he does. He went on to tell us that the menu would be getting some new items soon, and we should return when it does. “I like to change things. I like to bring the level up and keep things flowing.” We can’t wait to come back to try the new additions to his spectacular menu! Until next time 573, be healthy, be happy, be well, and remember to get out there and treat yourself!

Written by AJ Koehler