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The Sky's the Limit

We at 573 Magazine are always amazed at the amount of artistic talent that lives in the 573—Artists, actors, models, dancers, musicians, designers… In the past ten years, we have made several feature films in the area, and in doing so, we have discovered hundreds of the most amazing and talented people. Yup, lots of talent in them there hills. The cool thing about all these talented people is that they are perfectly happy living here in the 573 by choice, but they still love acting, dancing, and painting…when they can. With so much talent, we decided to open the 573 Model & Talent Management agency.

573 Model & Talent is designed to shine a light on all the area talent and open up a vehicle for them to find and get gigs… 573 Talent manages models, voice talent, actors, artists, designers, stylists, makeup artists, and more. We manage and advise talent of all ages and experience levels, and the response has been great. To date, we have more than 50 bookable talents and growing. They come from Cape, Perryville, Farmington, Festus, Rolla, and a few from St. Louis. As the agency grows, we plan to host workshops and other training events designed to prepare talent for auditions, runways, TV, radio, and openings…we also negotiate contracts for those seeking more extensive careers in St. Louis, LA, or NYC.

Skyler Gollaher on the set of The Spring, a new indie film shooting in the area produced by Motion Dog Films.

Meet Skyler, one of our first local talent at 573 Model & Talent Management.

My name is Skyler Gollaher. I am 23 years old. I am the oldest of four, the rest being all boys. I was the only girl growing up, so I could wear whatever sparkly dress or tutu I wanted! My brothers all played soccer, and all I did until I got into the collegiate level was dance. My parents have supported me in my dance journey while also helping me academically.

Skyler with Westport Playhouse dance partner Hannah Lumpkins (right)

My dance journey started at my uncle's wedding when I was three years old. I was the only little one on the dance floor all night. It stood out so much to the DJ working the reception that he told my parents to put me in dance classes. So far, I have been a part of multiple dance studios and award-winning teams. I performed numerous times at gala's, significant events, and on television. In my lifetime, I have done all dance styles, including ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, modern, tap, acrobatics, pom, and even Bollywood.

Skyler at full dress rehearsal for the Micheal Jackson tribute at Westport Playhouse.

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I have also been a part of a collegiate-level cheer team and a STUNT team. I was a flyer and a tumbler on these teams, and it was a wonderful experience that only furthered my knowledge.

My most recent achievement is getting on the dance team for the Westport Playhouse. One of our first shows was a Micheal Jackson tribute that included some of his greatest hits and told the story of his life along the way. Dylan Knight and Corey Melton played the younger and older version of Michael, singing some of his greatest hits live with a band while also showing off some of his most famous dance moves. Hannah Lumpkins and I were the only two dancers in the show. We learned some of the most notable moves that went along with Michael Jackson's performances and music videos, including Thriller and Beat It. This was such a fun show at The Westport Playhouse! The team atmosphere was incredible, and we all cannot wait to bring the show back at a future date!

Skyler backstage with the playhouse director Lenny Mink.

We learned some of the most notable moves that went along with Michael Jackson's performances...

Dylan Knight and Corey Melton played the younger and older version of Michael...

While the future is unknown, I would love to continue dancing in shows like this and even more. I have so much fun working with the Playhouse staff, owners, producers, and the other performers in the show! Doing things like this has been my dream since I was that three-year-old dancing the night away at my uncle's wedding. I plan to open a dance studio of my own while also furthering my experience in acting and professional dancing. I cannot wait to see what my future holds and where I will end up!

You can learn more about the Westport Playhouse in St. Louis here.

You can learn more about 573 Model & Talent Management here.

Get Out There. What are you waiting for? It won't come to you.

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