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We Create Our Own Reality. Why Not Create A Good One?

It's really no secret that we create our own reality with our thoughts. Everything that we are or have is because we wanted it. Whether it’s conscious or not, we bring things, people, and experiences to our lives with our way of thinking.

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If you don’t want, you don’t get. If you are not willing to work for what you want, you don’t get. If you are not willing to dream, you don’t get.

As with anything that we try to do, we must program our minds. We all need to find a place where we can relax. The difference in going to a good place rather than a bad one is to relax and let your mind take you to that positive place. Let your mind take you to a place and the person that you want to be in life. You want to make this place as comfortable and inviting as you can but also a place that you can’t live without.

Two pretty purple flowers with delicate stems and leaves grow out of a crack in the middle of the street

It could be a million dollars, a doctorate, being a famous musician or outstanding athlete, or any number of other things you want. When you dream big, your psyche will start acting, and you will begin seeing yourself differently. That is why people often refer to someone going after a dream as being a “dreamer.” My niece dreamed of getting a master's degree in psychology and being able to help other people, so she went after what she wanted with a vengeance, working two jobs and studying hard. People referred to her as a dreamer. Guess what? Her dreams came true. Today she has her own therapy practice and helps many people each day to cope with their emotional problems.

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When we dream of something we really want, whether it is something we want to accomplish, own or be, we need to be clear with ourselves then we’ll start on the correct path. To excel, we must be specific and ask for what we want. If I say I want to lose weight, then just saying it is not specific enough. I should say that I want to be healthy, live longer, eat less, and look better, so I WILL lose 15 pounds in six months. And then work towards that goal.

A pretty pink flower with a thick green stem and lots of leaves grows out of a crack in the middle of the street

Continue to be patient if your dreams do not come true in hours, days, or even months. Just keep believing and sending out positive thoughts and feelings and continue to keep negative thoughts away. Remember to be grateful and really enjoy your gift when you do receive it. Surround yourself with the luxury of having the gift and enjoying it. Make it part of your life, nurture it, and let it grow. Look for the positive parts and always follow that path. Your life will be full of smiles, sweetness, happiness, and inspiration. Enjoy your life and expect it to be good. NEVER GIVE UP CHASING A DREAM. My mother taught me that.

And GET OUT THERE. You deserve it.

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