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Window Shopping

With the leaves on the ground and a chill in the air we start our journey into the Holiday Shopping season!

The annual treasure hunt is on for most and one can't help but feel blessed to be in an area where there are still so many stores and boutiques open and available to help you find that perfect gift for all of the special people in your life. I don't know about you, but there's one town in the 573 I always naturally gravitate toward when searching for my family's Christmas morning wows.

...a shopping and social hub for nearly 300 years.

Cape Girardeau, being a city right on the Mississippi River, has been a shopping and social hub for nearly 300 years. Beginning as a small trading post near Cape Rock, built by Jean Baptiste Girardot in 1733, Cape Girardeau has continued to grow and prosper seeing its ever spreading community of businesses expand more and more each year. Not too mention the fact that Downtown Cape by the river front is one of the THE BEST places in Southeast Missouri to take a stroll and do some window shopping!

You're welcome...

It can be hard to figure out where to begin sometimes, especially if you're hoping to patron small locally owned businesses before hitting any chain stores. So I listed out a few of my favorite Cape Girardeau shops that I always check out this time of year. Most of them are downtown, giving you a good chance to make a nice day of it, hoof it between shops, and get plenty of window time. You're welcome. Lol.

Since 1949, Shivelbine Music on Broadway in Cape Girardeau has been a household name here in the heartland for many of us. Serving the area's musicians and students of local band programs for more than 70 years, Shivelbine Music has become a trusted name and a dependable friend to local music gurus of all ages.

With wall to wall merchandise including guitars...
...whatever your up and coming super star could ever want!

With wall to wall merchandise including guitars, drum kits, pianos, keyboards, and pretty much any brass, wind, string, or percussion instrument you can think of and all the needed accessories, AND any software, hardware, or online tools you need for your podcasting, mobile recording, or livestreaming needs, Shivelbine Music is sure to have whatever your up and coming super star could ever want and more! array of amazing items from a variety of eras to offer local shoppers...

Pastimes Antiques has been quite the pillar in the Cape Girardeau community. On top of having an array of amazing items from a variety of eras to offer local shoppers and antiquing tourists, and supplying over 50 unique local vendors with areas to set up their things on consignment, Pastimes has also helped numerous local productions and charities, including their Annual Vintage Now Fashion Show that raises money for those suffering from domestic abuse.

Aesthete Luxury Boutique is the premiere boutique of Cape Girardeau. With both classic and cutting edge fashion and accessories, high end retail, and top shelf resale, Aesthete Luxury boutique is overflowing with style and sophistication. Aptly named, this shop is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stores I've ever stepped into. Not only are the products all amazing, unique, eye catching pieces, but the store decor itself is a treasure to behold, inspiring feelings of joy, peace, and a renewed excitement to shop (something I personally haven't felt in a clothing store in well over a decade).

...C.P. McGinty has never ceased to take my breath away...

C.P. McGinty Jewelers on Main Street has been serving Cape Girardeau since 1980. A local small business, family owned and run, C.P. McGinty has never ceased to take my breath away every time I walk through the doors.

Decades of custom design experience guarantee a phenomenal product and all custom work is done in house. Working with your ideas, pictures or even existing pieces, C.P. McGinty Jewelers can design options that will excite and delight your special someone this Holiday Season!

The Gallery of Inspiration is a very special gallery that showcase's the works of the consumers of the Community Counseling Center.  Art is an outlet that allows these amazing people to tap into their creativity, and for some of them, to overcome daily life issues and stigmas associated with mental illness. On top of carrying some of the most breathtaking works of local art (which by the way make for excellent gifts) the Gallery of Inspiration is designed to assist those artists who are looking for ways to integrate back into their community while also learning valuable work skills. Some of our featured artists have been successful members of their communities, and the gallery functions as an avenue to display their work and earn a little extra income. Consumers receive 100% of the money from art sales. The art community has welcomed and helped establish the Gallery of Inspiration in downtown Cape Girardeau, and it's a must see!

One of the coolest shops in town, Hempies prides itself in being Cape Girardeau's number one Hippy Boutique & Glass Gallery. Stocked with all kinds of beautiful and comfy clothing, musician merchandise, and special interest accessories, Hempies has a unique variety of products perfect for gifts with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a stress free holiday shopping experience!

For 65 years, Hutson's has provided top-quality home furnishings to the Cape Girardeau area. Established in 1945 when twin brothers, Glenn and Lynn Hutson opened the original Hutson Brothers Furniture on Main Street in Downtown Cape, Hutson's Big Sandy Superstore is now third generation owned and proudly continues the tradition of serving the area!

...Hutson's Big Sandy Superstore can assist you in making your dream a reality.

Hutson's Big Sandy Superstore has the distinction of representing three of the top five most widely recognized name brands in the furniture industry today with Broyhill, La-Z-Boy and Sealy. Whether you're furnishing a new home, a single room, or giving your existing home a new look, the friendly and attentive staff at Hutson's Big Sandy Superstore can assist you in making your dream a reality.

Stash on Main Street in Cape Girardeau has a whole different feel to it than most resale shops. With a comfortable sitting area, a laid back staff, and an amazing selection of clothing and accessories without an overwhelming amount of merchandise, Stash is a breath of fresh air. Choosing quality over quantity, this is one resale store you could get lost in for all the right reasons!

A collaborative retail space on Broadway in Cape Girardeau featuring independent businesses including Mother Earth, Fudio, Brickwood Boutique, Humble Origins, and High Street Station, The Indie House could help you knock out your whole holiday shopping list in one glorious stop. Known for it's unique vendors, top-quality products, and amazing service, The Indie House is a great place to find that one of a kind gift for that hard-to-shop-for loved one!

Last but certainly not least, is Busch Pet Products! You can't forget that fur baby this holiday season, and the number one place to find that perfect gift for your favorite Fido is Busch Pet Products in Cape Girardeau.

...Busch Pet Products has all of your pet holiday preparation needs covered!

With wall to wall merchandise including unique toys and pet accessories, gourmet food and top-quality pet supplements you can't find anywhere else, and even a self service pet spa complete with the best pet care and hygiene products on the market, Busch Pet Products has all of your pet holiday preparation needs covered!

There are all of these and so much more in Cape Girardeau. Click Here to check out all of the retail outlets that Cape has to offer. I hope you find something for everyone on your list, but don't forget to treat yourself too.

Get yourself something pretty, stop in somewhere for a sweet treat, or go out for a fabulous meal at one of Cape's amazing eateries, after all, Holiday shopping can be hard work, and you deserve it! Happy Holiday Hunting my friends, I'm sure I'll see you out there soon. Until then 573, be happy, be healthy, be well!

words a. koehler

pics t. smugala

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