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MassAge of Enlightenment

Last year we met an amazing massage therapist with a deep passion for helping people improve their health and their lives through multiple therapeutic techniques. Jennifer Carroll, LMT, CPI, CHC, and owner/proprietor of Massage & Skin Works in Farmington, Missouri has been serving the injured, the disabled, and the stressed in the 573 area for nearly a decade.

"Massage Therapy is a wonderful part of whole-body health. What you are doing every day is going to affect your muscles! Eating good whole foods, moving and stretching, and deep belly breathing is so vital for good health. I enjoy helping my clients with their wellness goals!" -Jennifer

...a whole new level.

Recently 573 Magazine discovered that besides having some amazing skills in massage therapy and relaxation techniques, Jennifer also has some pretty awesome new equipment to take the pain management and skin care therapies at Massage & Skin Works to a whole new level.

Advanced from NASA’s LED technology

LightStim is a multiwave LED tool that emits multiple wavelengths of light that work together to increase blood circulation and deliver a soothing, gentle treatment that sets in motion the body’s own natural healing/pain-relieving process. Advanced from NASA’s LED technology, LightStim Multiwave Patented Technology can be used for multiple therapeutic purposes from medical/health needs to aesthetic and beauty goals including acne relief, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and pain management for injuries or ongoing conditions such as arthritis.

“Typically I use the LightStim systems on people that I see for massage therapy and they just want the additional help. And if they have, not quite an acute, but a prolonged issue, this extra light therapy seems to help that out. It’s also great for those recovering from certain surgeries and injuries, and for athletes. I’ve helped dancers, pitchers, basketball players... When you’re a really strong athletic type, you’re putting a lot of wear and tear on your body, and generally the parents of the student athletes that see me have an understanding for massage therapy and they’ll have them come in for treatment. And of course, with minors, we have the parents sit in the room with them for treatments, but it really seems to help them recover from that continual wear and tear and keep them in good condition to continue pursuing and enjoying their sports and activities.” -Jennifer

Today we’re meeting up with Jennifer and her two newest LightStim clients, Amanda Reynolds and her oldest son, Christian, to see how these super cool LED therapies work and find out what kind of results they can potentially create for you.

...designed to combat acne.

After checking in and assessing her new client’s health needs and aesthetic goals, Jennifer went to work on young Christian, first using a light combination specifically designed to combat acne.

573: Christian, how did the LED acne treatment feel?

It was just kind of warm on my face, not hot, just warm. Felt kind of nice. My face is a lot clearer now, I’m not gonna lie. It really worked. I thought it would take multiple treatments to really start working, but the results were amazingly fast. Within just a couple hours of the treatment, my face was clear! I wasn’t expecting that.

...designed for pain...

After his skin treatment, Jennifer set Christian up with another set of LED therapy waves designed for pain to relieve the slight tightness he had in his right knee.

"It felt warm all the way through, in an awesome way, and I could feel the tension being relieved, it really relaxed everything & felt great!" -Christian

While Christian was enjoying his new treatments, we got the 411 from Jennifer on how versatile her new tools really can be.

573: Jennifer, what all kinds of pain can you treat with this LightStim tool?

I would say any generic pain. We tend to get natural aches and pains, especially in our joints. In our knees, people tend to have knee problems and this is just very helpful to soothe that pain. When you overuse your shoulder, it can help bring relief to that.

573: What about injuries? Can it help injuries?

We can’t claim that, but we have observed that it can aid in speeding up the recovery process in our clients.

573: What about arthritis?

It does help with the pain associated with arthritis. Now, it won’t make it magically disappear, but it can help soothe. I’ve had a lot of clients with things like grip issues and it definitely helps loosen that up a little bit, especially when it’s used in tandem with hand massage.

I often do this type of combination treatment for my clients, sometimes simultaneously if they’re running short on time. For example, I might set up the standing LightStim tool on the upper body while I massage the legs and feet. This method has proven to be very effective. Once people try it, 99% of them will come back and continue using that combination treatment.

This sort of hybrid therapy treatment, utilizing both light and massage sounded amazing, and lucky for us, we got the chance to see it in action when Amanda went back to receive her treatments.

The first treatment Amanda had was a combination of LED pain therapy for the back while Jennifer worked on the legs.

...designed for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Once she was finished with that, Amanda had an LED light treatment designed for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

573: Amanda, how did the treatment feel?

Invigorating, comfortable, warm, relaxing. It was almost like being in a tanning bed, except this light is actually good for your skin!

573: So are you excited to see what the results might be?

Absolutely! I feel like it’s working already. I’m really excited. My face feels softer, and I could feel and see the difference immediately! The fine lines around my eyes, mouth and forehead almost disappeared. And the pain in my back is gone!

573: Was this your first time doing something like this?

Yes. I’ve never had any kind of treatments like this before. Neither has Christian. But it was amazing.

We reached out to Amanda a week after her treatments to ask about the results again.

"My face stayed super soft after the treatment, it still feels soft and smooth. The fine lines have stayed gone, which is cool because I was expecting them to come back after a few days. I still haven't had any back pain either. And Christian's doing great too. His knee is still good and loose, and his face looks amazing! It stayed clear. I think both of us are pretty happy with our results. We’ll definitely be back." -Amanda

With all the awesome new services Massage & Skin Works has to offer, and as dedicated as Jennifer is to constantly updating and improving her methods of treatment to meet her clients’ individual needs, I have a feeling we’ll be back really soon too! Until then 573, be happy, be healthy, be well!


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