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The Dynamic Duo of Aesthetics

Great business partners are always characterized by complementary skills, mutual respect, and a shared vision. Complementary skills ensure that partners bring diverse strengths to the table and effectively cover various aspects of the business. For instance, one partner might excel in creating the service while the other shines in business management, creating a well-balanced team.

Mutual respect and trust are essential in any partnership, whether business or relationships. Fostering an environment where partners feel valued, and their hard work is acknowledged is very important. Respect encourages open communication, which is crucial for resolving conflicts and making informed decisions together. Lastly, a shared vision and goals ensure that partners work towards the same objectives.

Ultimately, great business partners can blend their unique capabilities, maintain strong interpersonal relationships, and drive their venture toward sustained success.  Recently, we met with the dynamic duo of the 573.  He's a doctor and medical researcher, and she is an engineer and businesswoman.   Together, our new 573 Superheroes, a medical aesthetics clinic, and, most recently, a cutting-edge stem cell research practice are giving great hope for treating many conditions.  Meet Humberto Olivero and Marisa Olivero and their clinics, Show Me Younger and Stem Cell Regeneration MD.  Did I mention they are super cute together?   

Dr. Humberto Olivero and Marisa Olivero picture
Meet Humberto Olivero and Marisa Olivero—573 Superheroes.

Humberto Olivero

My name is Humberto Olivero. I started my career in industrial engineering, which later led me into Medicine and Surgery. Passionate about reaching populations, I gained a Preventive, occupational, and Aerospace (NASA-trained) background, which opened my mind and opportunities to think outside the conventional lines of current medical thought. 

I come from a European-descendant family who set roots in Central America. My family has a conservative, loving, and family-oriented background that values love for God and neighbors. My family emphasizes high levels of education and well-being within the family and contributing to our community and society. 

I migrated legally to the United States and worked through government healthcare institutions, five prestigious universities, and private companies. I focused on expanding my medical knowledge and moral integrity in my practice and in life.

Dr. Humberto Olivero and Marisa Olivero picture

With my wife, we've raised three wonderful children, who have given us fruits of joy and love in a land that has embraced us as part of the American Dream.

I Hold an accreditation as a board-certified Physician & Surgeon in the US and International accreditation as a Professor with multiple specialties, along with a top US research background with the latest emphasis in Aesthetics, Dermatology, Micro-Surgery, Regenerative Medicine, and Pain Management.  On a different facet, my wife and I are also entrepreneurs with a vision to create businesses that positively impact our local communities and nation and transcend to the whole world. 

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Marisa Olivero

We have three wonderful kids. The oldest is 16 and a baseball player, my middle girl is 15 and a field hockey player, and my baby is just 7; she loves to dance. They are all very good kids, and the three of them get along pretty well. They get good grades, and they work very hard every day to keep up with school demands and sports.

Dr. Humberto Olivero and Marisa Olivero picture

Balance is key. It is challenging to balance work and family, but family always takes first place in my priorities. Family is essential to us and keeps us united and strong. I work from home as much as possible. I really enjoy going to the clinic and interacting with our amazing clients and getting to know them more. We have wonderful people working around us. It's really a great time when I spend my days working at the Show Me Younger (SMY) clinic.

It has been my husband's dream to help people with his knowledge and abilities since the moment I met him. SMY all started long ago as a dream when my husband was still in med school, and the dream came true years after.  We are so thankful to God for being able to have SMY in Farmington and connecting with thousands of people, getting to know them, and, at the same time, providing them with the beauty and wellness they deserve. We have a great staff, and we are hoping to expand shortly.

Humberto Olivero

Even though Marisa was a successful engineer emphasizing business, we agreed to take care of our children personally during the first five years of their lives. That being said, Marisa sacrificed time and effort guiding and protecting our children until they had an identity built on the foundation of respecting God's principles and solid morals and ethics. After that, it has become more manageable to know that our kids are learning through the school system while we work to heal people's souls and bodies and induce smiles.

Show Me Younger Medical office

Advanced technological laser
Show Me Younger uses advanced high-technology laser systems for medical aesthetics and many other applications.

We started the business of Show Me Younger with the idea of bringing solutions to the healthcare industry that combine Western medicine's technology and advances with a holistic and natural approach to achieve true healing beyond symptom control.

Show Me Younger Medical office

Dr. Humberto Olivero portrait with scrubs and protective eye wear.
Stem Cell Regeneration MD has great potential to transform the way we think of better health.

The same idea applies to Stem Cell Regeneration MD, which encompasses a natural approach using autologous (your own) stem cells and biological processes while maintaining individual health and wellness, along with exercise and appropriate dietary balance. The art and process of extracting your stem cells is laborious and intricate, but it is a safer route and approved by the FDA to achieve healing while mitigating risks and rejection of the tissues. Great outcome for healthcare where healing, innovation, and safety are meeting ends to heal patients and achieving a thorough wellness balance. We uphold outstanding customer service and quality without compromising moral and ethical standards. That has granted us the distinction of excellence in our community. 

Dr. Humberto Olivero & Jeff Nattkemper in medical office
Dr. Olivero and his research team are developing new Stem Cell Regeneration therapies with the hopes of finding new pathways towards better health.
Dr. Humberto Olivero & Jeff Nattkemper in medical office
Stem Cell Specialist Jeff Nattkemper.

Dr. Humberto Olivero in medical office

Stem Cells are your own healing power, restoring damaged tissue, decreasing inflammation, reducing infections, and regenerating new tissue to achieve healing, along with surgical and /or medical pharmacological and non-pharmacological alternatives.

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Get Out There! Build something. Join something. Start something. Do something. Do anything. What one person can do, another can do. That sunken sofa will be fine without you. 

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