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The Fisher Way

With the takeover of the internet, shopping online has put many small businesses out of the game. You can buy anything you like online from cars to pencils, but people continue to shop locally for a handful of very important reasons. Online shopping just doesn’t give the same experience as going to a store. When you go into a shop you can hold and touch products and get a three-dimensional experience. But there is much more.

You all know the horror stories when it comes to shopping online. Customer dissatisfaction is astronomical. Things like; the item is not what the store described it as, it shows up in a different color or variation, it’s damaged, it never shows up or the big one – NO customer support.

...these risks and problems are expensive.

When it comes to buying furniture, these risks and problems are expensive. No one wants to wait two weeks to receive a brand new nightstand, just to find out that it is broken or doesn’t look the way they imagined. It’s way better to buy furniture locally with a shop you can trust.

However, there is no denying the convenience and, in some cases, the need to do a lot

of your purchasing online. Whether you have a jam packed schedule, a medical disorder that keeps you or a loved one mostly homebound, or you're just a little on the anti-social side, shopping online can make things easier, but how do you cater to your convenience needs AND avoid the disappointments and nightmares of buying online?

...a hybrid shopping experience...

We recently discovered a local place that offers a better way to shop. Creating what can only be described as a hybrid shopping experience, this little 573 family-owned furniture store has married the concepts of in-store and online purchasing, making it possible to customize your shopping experience to suit each individual's different design, scheduling, and purchasing needs.

We went out to Fisher Furniture in Ironton, a small-town furniture shop to find out why people keep them thriving as a brick and mortar shop in a small town.

My name is Vicki Oberle

...a huge benefit of shopping locally...

When shopping at Fisher Furniture, any question or problem is our pleasure to answer. Buying furniture can be intimidating, but not if there is someone there to help every step of the way. This is a huge benefit of shopping locally instead of buying online. Customer service will always be there, willing to help. actual human, with the buyer’s best interest, is there to help.

If there is ever a question or cause for concern, an actual human, with the buyer’s best interest, is there to help. When it comes to online purchasing, if customer support is unavailable, there is nothing that can be done.

a specifically customized service you’ll never find online.

Not only do we offer great customer service in store, but we also provide knowledgeable interior designers who will work with you in your home to help you find great materials, furniture styles, and color choices for whatever feel you’re going for, at no extra charge.

To help avoid costly mistakes, we are happy to help you create a comfortable layout before purchasing your new furniture to make sure it fits into your room. This is a specifically customized service you’ll never find online.

...custom order furniture...

At Fisher Furniture, it is also possible to custom order your furniture. With access to a large variety of top brands having multitudes of furniture options, Fisher Furniture can help you find your perfect piece and have it shipped directly. This makes the furniture more personable and different from the rest. Finding unique furniture that perfectly fits your family's taste and lifestyle is a great feature of shopping locally.

And best of all we at Fisher deliver all our furniture to your home FREE of charge. Our guys even take away your old furniture and set up the new stuff.


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