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What to do With Your Tax Refund

There are plenty of practical ways to spend your tax refund–such as saving for major expenses, banking it for an emergency fund, or paying down debt. But it’s hard to resist the allure of spending some or all of your refund on something a little more fun. If that’s the road you want to go down, here are some suggestions.

Treat yourself to little luxuries

Even if you’re saving most of your tax refund, it’s OK to spend a little on something you wouldn’t ordinarily treat yourself to. If you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, use some of the refund check to attend a wine-tasting event to discover new vintages. A specialty coffee drink or a decadent dessert can be a reward for a tax season well-completed—and still, leave the majority of the money in your savings account.

Do unto others

Have a little fun with your refund. Secretly pay the dinner bill for a married couple and their two kids at a local restaurant. Buy a gift card and slip it under the door of a neighbor who you know is going through hard times. Tip extravagantly at the local diner and surprise your waitress, or go out to dinner with your friends and surprise them by paying the bill. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day unexpectedly bright.

Smart Buys

Some retailers offer promotions each year designed to get that tax refund from your bank account to theirs. Buying from local places that have stood the test of time and are community-oriented ensures its return. Let that money work for you. If you need a new dishwasher, look for a local appliance store that offers an incentive to spend your refund there, whether it’s simply a seasonal sale or something more productive, like cashing your refund check and allowing you a bonus if you elect to place some or all of it on gift cards.

Fisher Furniture

Fisher Furniture was opened by Fred Fisher in 1946 on Main Street in Ironton. And 75 years later (Yes, I said 75 years), it is still going strong. I don't think I know of many businesses that have survived for 75 years. Once you get a taste of the top-quality products and amazing personal service found at Fisher Furniture, you’ll see why.

My name is Vicki Oberle. I graduated from SEMO with a BSBA in Finance and worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis as a Bank Examiner until my uncle Joe passed. That's when I came back to the Arcadia Valley to help my dad with the family business. That was back in 2000, and I'm still here! I am married to Matt, who teaches Biology at Arcadia Valley High School, and we have two boys who grew up in the family store, just like their mom! Like all small businesses, the business is a big part of our lives, and so is our area.

They support us; we support them. If we continue to stick by these beliefs, it will always work out, even in tough economies.

We are active in our community and our churches; we support and donate to our local schools, charities, and organizations. Sometimes, our ads may get lost in the shuffle and noise, but we don't. The people at Fisher Furniture are invested in this community 110%, and apparently, the feeling is mutual! It’s been a symbiotic relationship that’s lasted 75 years. Dollars invested in us go right back to the people we serve. They support us; we support them. If we continue to stick by these beliefs, it will always work out, even in tough economies.

In Ironton, Missouri, Fisher Furniture is a small local family-owned business with a tremendous big boast. Not many furniture places will do a home visit to help you design and measure your rooms to ensure everything looks the way you had it pictured. The quality of their vast selection and the level of personal service they offer are just as surprisingly wonderful as the deals they have on a fairly regular basis. Fisher Furniture offers financing with 0% interest and does local deliveries free of charge all year round.

Home Repair

Getting your tax refund is an excellent excuse for taking care of repairs or renovations around the house you’ve been putting off. It’s time to be a rock star and show off your home repair skills. Replacing old windows, for example, can save you money by reducing the energy wasted if the old ones leak. Redoing a kitchen or a bathroom can leave your house more functional now and also be an asset when you decide to sell.

Home improvements allow you to invest your refund where it matters most. In your family and their future. Why not put it back in your community by using a locally owned discount home improvement store?

HOODS Discount Home Center

Hoods isn’t your typical home improvement store.

The in-store shopping adventure at Hoods has so much to offer. To really make the most of Hoods, you need to stop by and browse the wide selection of home improvement wares. You’ll find something new and exciting each time you come by.

As for quality, Hoods carries several of the brand names you see at the big box stores. Some of their best deals are rescued from closeout and overrun sales. They even carry discontinued and one-of-a-kind items from these high-quality, trusted brands. These tremendous deals arrive daily, so there’s always a new selection.

Service at Hoods is top quality as well. With dedicated teammates to help you along on your home renovation journey, from designing blueprints to your new dream to loading your new materials, there’s someone at Hood’s to assist every step of the way, saving you time and money.

Pamper your body

It’s important to look and feel your best, and self-pampering is a nice luxurious way to jumpstart that process. Tax refund time is that one magical time of the year when self-pampering can actually become a real possibility for many of us. So why not go for it?

Show Me Younger

Show Me Younger in Farmington, Missouri, is a medical spa that aims to make you look and feel your best using Fotona laser technology.

Completely non-invasive but highly effective. It can do anything from hair removal/growth to treating unsightly veins, tightening skin, & everything in between! This laser also has other unique aspects, such as its use for problems with snoring, acne treatment, body tightening, face tightening, correcting dark under-eye circles, sexual rejuvenation, and skin resurfacing!

Show Me Younger has an amazing staff that makes you feel right at home and wants you to be comfortable in your own skin. They offer several other non and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments along with top-of-the-line health and beauty products to help you look and feel your best.

Great products and excellent service is not all Show Me Younger has to offer though. They also enjoy getting involved in the community. An official sponsor for the 573 Magazine 2020 Mommy Makeover, Show Me Younger supplied a full in-depth makeover for the winner, Kourtnie Rawlins, who ended up with a lot more than smooth skin and fuller lips.

The transformation was everything I could have dreamed of. The scars from my acne and from when I was a baby have been removed...vaporized off my face! It was amazing to actually see the results firsthand.

Dr. Olivero is so passionate and loves to educate not just his employees but his clients also. This helped me when I joined the Show Me Younger team. I’m so happy and thankful to have such a great work environment. It really is the ideal place to work! Dr. Olivero is the boss everyone dreams of having!

Show Me Younger has turned back the hands of time on countless other people in the area. Why not you? Why not now? After all, it’s tax refund time.

Whatever floats your boat.

So make your money work for you, improve your home, life, or self, or spend it making memories. Whatever you choose to do with your pot of gold at the end of the fiscal year rainbow, be sure to spread some of the wealth right here in your own community.

Get Out There!


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